High Precision Manufacturer Aluminum Milling Machining Parts

All kinds of color anodization, Sandblast Anodized.

Attribute: high surface quality,beautiful visual,durable,resistant to corrosion,anti-rust.

Process : CNC machined for aluminium parts to obtain high precision surface and high quality surface .

Product Details

We can produce for all kings of material, common use metial AL6082, AL6061, AL7075, AL5052 and stainless steel, brass, copper, steel and so on.
Regarding the other details, please kindly refer to the below sheet.

the specifition of our products

Product Display

CNC Aluminum parts
Various colors for Oxidation treatment for choice, the customer can mark on the drawing which surface treatment they want to do, and also for sand blast so on.

a variety of products

product show

CNC Turning parts
Machining for complex processes, Drilling, tapping, knurling ,advanced processing technology.

All kinds of cnc turning parts

CNC maching parts show


We Keep machine tools and work rooms clean and tidy when machining parts, our employees keep the workshop for 5S standards.

Ongoing CNC machining parts

CNC machining site

Packing and shippment

In order to ensure the integrity of the product during transportation, we strictly follow the following packaging process to package the product, and strive to achieve beauty and product damage free.

Our packing and shippment

Product Details

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